Knee Pain

Knee Pain can be caused by damage to the surrounding structures of the knee: muscles, tendons, ligaments etc.. This can be caused by injuries to the knee, excessive force or pressure on the joint, obesity, osteoarthritis or poor knee alignment.

The knee is quite complex and its because of this that it is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. So dont worry, you’re not the only one with knee pain!

Podiatrists at Carousel Podiatry can help with knee pain. Treatment options include orthotics, trigger point therapy, dry needling and stretching and strengthening exercises.

At Carousel Podiatry we are dedicated to providing the right treatment for you. We look after those working or living in Cannington,  East CanningtonQueens ParkBeckenham and Bentley. If you want to know more about how to treat knee pain, please give us a call at Carousel Podiatry in Cannington or book online for an appointment.

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