Meet the Team

Meet The Team at Carousel Podiatry

Christine McCallum

Podiatrist in Carousel

Christine McCallum - PodiatrisChristine is a Podiatrist, Barefoot Rehabilitation Specialist, Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer.
Christine McCallum graduated from Curtin University as a Podiatrist in 2003. Following this, not only has Christine been actively working as a Podiatrist, serving patients in our local community but has also completed further qualifications to compliment her Podiatry skills and better help her patients achieve their health goals.

Christine’s further qualifications include:

  • Certifications in Remedial Massage Therapy – 2015
  • Certifications in Personal Training – 2015

Along with these certifications, Christine has also completed continuing education in the field of Podiatry and Health, which include:

  • Dermatology
  • Anatomy trains and Myofascial Meridians
  • Dry needling, Western Medical Acupuncture and Neuroacupuncture (electro-stimulation)
  • Rock-tape, padding and strapping
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Barefoot strength, conditioning and exercise prescription

Christine is also trained in the use of Shockwave Therapy and Swift therapy and provides these treatments in conjunction with all other Podiatric treatments for her patients extensively but has also been widely involved in the training of student and new Graduate Podiatrists. Christine actively uses her experience and clinical skills to provide training and continuing education sessions within the workplace in the fields of barefoot rehabilitation training, foot exercise prescription and post-surgical rehabilitation. Christine also supervises student Podiatrists in her clinical time, overseeing all aspects of Podiatric treatments.

Having been a Podiatrist for many years, with many other qualifications under her belt, Christine has gained vast experience in all aspects of Podiatry and has treated people of all ages.

On a more personal note, Christine grew up in the locality of Northam, only one and a half hours from our lovely Perth. Since then, Christine has worked in Melbourne, Country Victoria, the Pilbara and has now settled in Perth for the last 12 years with her family. Christine is mum to two, near teenage daughters and with them and her Husband, they enjoy travelling within Australia. Two important members of Christine’s family also include her fur babies-two cats and two dogs. In her spare time, Christine has begun to learn French with a keenness to make it to France one day. However in the current global climate, Christine may be much more fluent than she expected before she does finally make it to France!

Christine not only uses her expertise as a very well qualified and educated Podiatrist, in the above varying fields of Podiatry but also practices what she preaches by following a well rounded training regime in her daily life. She believes that keeping an active lifestyle is imperative to a holistic wellness and follows a training regime which in laces Yoga, RPM, Strength training & Conditioning, as well as functional fitness. Christine looks forward to seeing you and your family for all your Podiatry needs, from basic routine footcare for everyone, to Diabetic footcare, to complex chronic pain management with holistic treatments and long term management methods such as Barefoot Strength and Rehabilitation, to ensure your feet not only get better but stronger too, allowing you to be the best version of yourself without pain!

Michelle Chi (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Podiatrist in Carousel, Wembley

Michelle Chi - PodiatristMichelle went to the University of Western Australia graduating with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine in 2011. Throughout her studies she has completed clinical podiatry placements in community health, public hospitals and private clinic settings. Having been a podiatrist now for nearly 10 years she has a wide range of educational and practical experience to help you recover as soon as possible. Michelle loves being a part of the community and helping patients with all afflictions of the lower limb.

Michelle is proficient in all aspects of general podiatry including treatment of unmanageable toenails (e.g. thick toenails, fungal toenails, ingrown toenails) as well as corn & callus removal. She has completed further training in dry needling, mobilisation, Swift therapy for warts and Shockwave therapy. Michelle treats foot and ankle pain including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and forefoot pain e.g. neuroma’s & bursitis. She uses evidence based medicine and can arrange for custom orthotics when required.

Michelle keeps up to date with advances in the podiatry field with continued professional development seminars that cover everything from orthotic prescription and barefoot exercises to podiatric surgery. She also attends yearly conferences held by Diabetes WA to update her knowledge of the diabetic foot. She does all this to make sure you have the best and most up to date treatments.

Michelle enjoys all aspects of podiatry including general treatment (toenails, corns & calluses), foot & ankle pain, ingrown toenail surgery, orthotic prescriptionand wart treatment. She loves getting to know her patients and help them achieve pain free feet. Michelle can also speak Mandarin to assist patients where needed.

Aside from work, Michelle enjoys spending time at the park with her baby daughter, and going to Melbourne to visit her twin sister.

Veronica Lee

Podiatrist in Carousel & Carlisle

Veronica Lee - PodiatristVeronica graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2019 with a Bachelor of Podiatry, after completing Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Bachelor of Health Studies.

She pursued Podiatry as a career because of the vital role of our feet in our life. She is an enthusiastic health professional who loves to get to know her patients and deliver a holistic care approach. She believes that listening and understanding of other aspects of a patient’s life can contribute to an effective delivery of podiatry care. She enjoys working in all aspects of Podiatry, with special interest in diabetic foot care and sports biomechanics.

Veronica also had valuable internship experience at private Podiatry clinic situated in a high-end and expats-oriented area in Malaysia, for a total of 8 months which she misses so much. She hopes that one day, she will return to her country and hometown to provide Podiatry services and to raise more awareness to the community what Podiatry can offer.

Outside of Podiatry, she enjoys cooking new recipes, a foodie who loves exploring new foods with her loved ones, shopping, participating and volunteering in church activities.

On the other hand, she can also communicate in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Bahasa Malaysia.

Andrew Huynh

Podiatrist in Carousel

Andrew Huynh - Podiatrist

Andrew graduated from Podiatry in 2014 with a Bachelors in Podiatric Medicine from the University of Western Australia. He has a keen eye for the latest in evidence-based practice and will always use to the very best of his knowledge in providing the highest quality of Podiatry care.

Since graduating, Andrew has worked for over 10 years in podiatry across multiple clinical practices throughout the Western Australia and has recently done a 2 year in Melbourne, Victoria with one of the state’s leading orthotic technology companies. He has found success in providing high quality podiatry care to his patients as well as always striving for success and improvement. 

Andrew has a firm grasp and interest in all aspects of Podiatry, but has a particular passion in adequate footwear, foot & posture abnormalities, heel pain, ingrown toenail management, fungal nail treatment, and especially plantar verrucae (warts). He also has knowledge in dry-needling and shockwave therapy which can be used for many podiatry cases.

Outside of podiatry Andrew likes to catch up with friends, perform in power-lifting competitions, and is currently taking up the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to increase his strength and general well-being. From this, Andrew is able to form connections between the body and feet, achieving a greater understanding of how to treat and accommodate to everyone’s needs.

Navid Wali

Podiatrist in Carousel

Navid Wali Navid completed his post-graduate studies in Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at the University of Western Australia in 2016. Prior to this he completed his Bachelor’s of Science majoring in physiology and pharmacology at the same institute. Since that time, Navid has worked in various practices throughout Perth and has gained extensive experience with various foot and ankle related complications. He likes to use different treatment modalities to help achieve optimal outcomes for his patients.

Navid enjoys all aspects of podiatry with a particular interest in sports podiatry and biomechanics, ingrown toenail procedures and heel pain management. He understands the importance of looking after one’s feet and loves assisting his patients achieve their health goals.

Outside of work, Navid loves spending quality time with family and friends, exploring the outdoors and playing futsal and squash

Dr Dimitrios Stefanopoulos

Podiatrist in Carousel and Cambridge

Dimitrios Stefanopoulos - PodiatristHaving recently graduated from his degree in Podiatric Medicine at the University of South Australia, Dimitrios has experience working in high risk foot care, rural podiatry, Podiatric surgical management and various private clinics and aged care facilities. Additionally, he has also completed his Honours by research obtaining a first class designation. 

Whilst Dimitrios is interested in a wide array of foot and lower limb conditions, his primary interests lie in surgical treatment and biomechanics. Dimitrios also enjoys helping his patients manage diabetes and impacts which it can have on their foot health. 

Dimitrios is currently completing his Doctorate in Podiatric Surgery and is a current Podiatric surgical registrar at the University of Western Australia. He would love to help you out find your way to healthier and better functioning feet!

Suzanne Jarvis

Receptionist in Carousel

Suzanne Jarvis Sue is our new Receptionist at Carousel. Sue is a mature aged lady that likes to chat with patients on arrival and leaving. When Sue isn’t working, she loves spending time with her husband as he works away and when he is home they will go for Lunches and catch up with family. Sue & her husband also have a camper trailer which last year spent a lot of time in travelling up north to grab some warm weather over the winter period. Sue really is enjoying her new role after being in a hospital environment with all children. Each day is very different some very busy days which keeps her on her toes.