Pronation & Flat Feet

What is Pronation:

Pronation is another name given to the more commonly known condition of ‘flat feet’. Pronated or ‘flat feet’ are those that roll inwards when we stand and walk. It is often associated with a higher instance of ankle sprains and pain in the ankles and arches of the feet.           flat feet or pronation cannington


Pronation is caused by you body’s personal biomechanics, you were most likely born with it! It is resultant from how we all walk. Your Podiatrist can diagnose pronation by doing a thorough assessment of your feet whilst sitting, standing and walking. It is incredibly important to have children assessed at the correct age in order to prevent injuries and problems later in life, if you notice their feet rolling in!

How is it Treated?

Treatment for pronation includes simple exercise to aid with strengthening the feet, and most importantly, the use of foot orthotic devices and footwear particular for pronation to support and improve the posture of the feet. Barefoot rehabilitation training can also be utilised to increase the strength and integrity of your feet. Your podiatrist can offer a combination of these treatments so don’t put up with painful feet or ankles from your ‘flat’ or pronated feet.

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