Shin Pain and Shin Splints

What is it?
Shin splints is when you have pain along your shin bone (the Tibia). Shin splints are a common sporting injury.

Symptoms of Shin Splints include: Sharp or aching pain that runs along the shin. Pain usually worsens with increased duration and/or intensity of exercise and activity. Swelling is also common for someone experiencing Shin Splints.

What Not To Do!
If you have Shin Splints and you continue to follow the same training program and wear the same footwear then there will be no surprises when your Shin Splints dont magically disappear. ‘Pushing through the pain’ is not advised as if the cause of the Shin Splints is left untreated then the shin splints could potentially cause stress fractures to your tibia.

What To Do:
If you are suffering from Shin Splints then seeking help from Podiatrists at Carousel Podiatry in Cannington should be a top priority! A Podiatrist can diagnose and treat the cause of the issue and get your relief from your Shin Splint pain.

At Carousel Podiatry we are dedicated to providing the right treatment for you. We look after those working or living in Cannington,  East CanningtonQueens ParkBeckenham and Bentley. If you want to know more about how to treat Shin pain, please give us a call at Carousel Podiatry in Cannington or book online for an appointment.

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